Welcome to the Greater Dayton Breakfast Club

This is the opportunity for you!
Senior industry professionals – come to network, share your news and story, gain referrals, and gather information!

The cost is FREE!

To find out if you are eligible for membership, please contact Melissa at Melissa@SeniorsGuide.com

Networking Schedule

We meet every third Thursday of each month from 8:30-10 am. Locations vary.

Mar 21, 2024

4175 Indian Ripple Road
Beavercreek, OH
RSVP to Beth McCane

Apr 18, 2024

3865 Park Overlook Drive
Beavercreek, OH
RSVP to Rachel Berkshire

May 16, 2024

60 Paceline Court
Xenia, OH
RSVP to Oltjon Pepa

Jun 20, 2024

590 Isaac Prugh Way
Dayton, OH
RSVP to Jonathan Carl

Jul 18, 2024

8100 Clyo Road
Washington Township, OH
RSVP to Kelly Lance

Aug 15, 2024

8683 Clearcreek Franklin Road
Springboro, OH
RSVP to Fran Porter

Sep 19, 2024

10 Wilmington Avenue
Dayton, OH
RSVP to Tammy Rasey

Oct 17, 2024

695 Wycliffe Drive
Xenia, OH
RSVP to Mary Ann Stemley

Nov 21, 2024

1 Country Lane
Brookville, OH
RSVP to Robin Kent

Hosting An Event

If you want to host an event, please:

  • Provide breakfast
  • Arrange for the place of the meeting
  • Speak about your company for the first 10 minutes
  • Take reservations for the event
  • Provide door prizes if you would like (not necessary)
  • Seniors Guide will always bring door prizes to each event

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate relationships within the senior living and senior care industry to ensure that local seniors have access to the best care and service. We are an exclusive group of professionals that serve seniors in the Greater Dayton and Miami Valley area that meets once a month to collaborate and network.